Sunday, October 16, 2016

Photographing Waterfalls with the iPhone

Here's a photograph of a beautiful Michigan waterfall
I snapped with my iPhone 6s plus.

The scene is pretty, but I want to create that silky water look I can get
with a longer shutter speed as I did here with my DSLR camera.

You cannot vary shutter speed long enough on a phone camera
to get this effect,
 but you can still get the silky look with 
an incredible app called Slow Shutter Cam for just $1.99.

I am obsessed with this  very simple-to-use app and have been traveling to
waterfalls all over my area just so I can play with it!

Instead of holding open the shutter, the app quickly takes a series of
photos and immediately melds them together.
Anything that is moving in the photo will blur.

It's SOOO amazing to watch this happen right in front of your eyes!

Try the app with any flowing water
including a creek like this near my home.

It's hard to believe all these photos were taken with my phone!

To use the Slow Shutter Cam app, you will need a
phone tripod.  You cannot possibly hold your phone steady
through 6 to 8 photos!

I LOVE this very inexpensive and tiny Octopus style tripod that allows me
to get down and close to the water.  

For this next photo,
I had the tripod on one of the rocks in the creek!
The legs bend to fit where you need it to stay.

For this larger waterfall, I simply placed it on the railing...

to photograph this magnificent waterfall:

You can also purchase larger phone tripods at any quality and price point.

I bought this one, but end up using the tiny octopus model more often.

My phone rivaled my Canon 5D Mark III in photographing waterfalls!

Get the app and photograph some wonderful autumn foliage along
with beautiful waterfalls!

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