Monday, August 3, 2015

Capturing the Essence of Little Boys

I adore photographing little boys, but they can be a challenge.
Most don't want to sit and pose...WAY too boring!
I find that the best way to photograph young boys is in
their own element doing what they love to do.
The photo with the dog above is not a posed shot, although
the mom did have to get the dog to sit at this great angle with the evening sun.
Mom called 3-year-old Tristan over to the dog.  I sat with my
camera in position and the moment I saw this natural hug...CLICK!
The dog quickly scrambled away, and Tristan plopped onto his
stomach in the grass.
I simply called his name and....CLICK!
I was so fortunate that this awesome vintage tractor is in
Tristan's backyard.  He LOVES to play on it, so
I just had him play.
I love the natural glee on his face!
I know that most parents want portraits with a full face, so
as Tristan was playing, I called out his name and he looked at me
without posing...CLICK!

I came in closer and changed my shooting angle. I called his name again.
Much better to let them play, then call out their name
every so often to get that precious face!
I always try to get a close up when I can.

Tristan had lots of transportation, so I had him play...CLICK!
Natural play is much more fun for little boys and makes it
much easier for me as the photographer.  If you are not at their home,
bring a prop that the little boy can hold and play with.
Click while they're playing to capture natural enchantment,
then call out their name to get the face....CLICK!
Here are my two new BOY digital backgrounds that I am selling in my
To learn how to move a child into one of my backgrounds, watch my
Enjoy those little boys!

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