Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer Still-Lifes

This summer I have gotten into still-life photography and
absolutely LOVE shooting them outside in the early morning sunshine.
I wanted to share mine, to inspire you to look around your own house
for pretty, colorful items and treasures that will make a pretty photo.
Still-lifes are a great way to learn and grow as a photographer
and use your imagination and creativity.
Start with just a few simple things on a table.

For tips on shooting still-lifes and capturing the
light, CLICK HERE.
Still-lifes can be anything that stays still.
Maybe some interesting tools you have on a work bench.
various spoons you have in the kitchen drawer.
When I was planting my summer herbs, I created a still-life
arrangement with the gardening tools and plants.

Pretty things around your house can be used. 
It's fun and simple to match colors.
Try using the artistic filters in Photoshop to
make your still-lifes look more like paintings
Watch my VIDEO TUTORIAL to learn how to do this. 

I became very observant this summer and considered
things I never really noticed as possible still-lifes!

One morning I looked out the window and saw the sun sparkling
off the morning dew, so I plopped a pitcher of flowers onto the grass
and shot VERY low...lying on my stomach in the WET grass!

I came up with this next idea when I saw my pretty glass pitcher in a cupboard.
I got it as a wedding gift and rarely use it. 
I like the shape, so I put water into the pitcher and added food coloring!
This photo was used by The Farmer's Almanac in an
article about pink lemonade!

My kids went blueberry picking and I really loved the color
so I photographed them.
This began my obsession with photographing food!
We had these grapes in our fruit bowl, so I used them in a still life.

I actually went to the grocery store and selected the
most colorful and interesting vegetables and
went crazy photographing them inside and outside.

I got to eat some yummy salads..and YEP...
I photographed them!

If we had strawberries in the fridge...I photographed them
on the kitchen table.

Lemons anyone?

My daughter was home for the weekend and I made her breakfast.
Yep....I photographed it and now this photo is on the
website of an egg farmer in Germany!

I also photographed my poached egg breakfast one morning.
A friend brought me some cherries, so I took some photos.

I just want to open your eyes to photographing
the simple, everyday things in your life.
Just add a vase of flowers (fake flowers photograph beautifully!)
table linens you already have in a drawer. 
Use interesting chairs and tables you have around the house.
Let your imagination run wild and enjoy shooting
some still-life photos of your own.
Better yet, frame them and hang them in your home.
ART that contains your own treasures!


  1. Thank you for sharing your fantastic photos. All have beautiful settings, beautiful colors, beautiful subjects. I look forward to all your newsletters. They are all informative with valuable lessons.


    Kathleen Collier
    Sarasota, F

  2. Truly lovely! Thanks for sharing these!