Thursday, December 15, 2016

Creating Santa's Arm Photos

I have always loved the charming photos with Santa's arm, 
but didn't want to purchase a Santa suit to create them.

A few weeks ago, I had a FLASH vision!

In my mind, I saw one of those cheapy Christmas stockings
with the toe cut off and an arm through the top...
Instant Santa arm!!!

When I get these visions, I am on a mission to
accomplish what I saw, so I hurried over to Goodwill and
found one of the red fake fur stockings for 49-cents!

I used a vintage cotton white glove that are readily available 
at most thrift stores, but you could also use a simple
white knit glove available at a dollar store as pictured.

Then I invited my photo pals Lucy and Terri to come over
and play Santa!

We used lots of mugs and fun Christmas props I picked up 
at various thrift stores for a few bucks.

We were laughing so hard and having a great time with Santa's arm!

Try setting up on a table with your Christmas tree in 
the distance to create glittery bokeh in the background!

Try putting your kids' names on the naughty or nice list. 

I think this would be a fun project with the kids!
Maybe have Santa's arm interacting with the children, handing them
some candy or a present.

Terri thought of creating a naughty or nice list for pets!

How CUTE!!!

Terri also had the idea to have Santa's hand patting her
pup's head!

There are endless ideas for photographing Santa's arm
making it personal to you and your home!

I hope this sparks your imagination to come up with
even more fun poses!

If you do this your results on my Facebook page and
I will share them!

I hope you have as much fun as we did!!


  1. Morning Jill I did a take on the Santa hand about 4 yrs ago with my Granddaughter.
    Now as I sit here really early this Saturday morning, I have a vision of doing a Santa Hand every day for my instagram page now in till Christmas Morning.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wonderful idea, Pam! I'd love to share your photos on my Facebook page. If you would like, you can email them to me through the newsletter or message me on Facebook.