Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vintage Val's Hunt for the Perfect Christmas Tree

Vintage Val is back for her Christmas adventure!

This year, she visits a pine forest in search of the perfect Christmas tree.

Since this year, I challenged myself to composite all my Christmas portraits
into Winter Wonderland Christmas Card scenes...
I wanted to do the same with Val.

Thus, we shot everything in front of my famous white board on my back porch!

Fortunately, we were able to accomplish this one day before we had a big
snow storm!   

I figured out the story line and decided to use background
photos I took in a pine forest last winter.

I had each photo carefully thought out, so I could photograph Val at the
perfect angles to fit the scenes.

Quite an ambitious project...but OH, SO FUN!

You can see the props on my grill!

The beautiful red furry coat was on loan from my friend Terri.
I sewed the hat using fake fur from another hat!

Here's the story of
Vintage Val's Christmas Tree Adventure

Val leaving her Christmasy home to hunt for a Christmas tree!

Only Vintage Val would have a car to match Christmas!

My father-in-law's vintage saw!

My husband's boyhood red racer sled!

I photographed the red vintage car at an antique car show!

My red ladder I found at Goodwill!

Vintage Val and I wish you the happiest holidays EVER!


  1. Jill, these images are amazing! You are the queen!!!!

  2. Sweet adventure. Beautiful photo designs.

    Happy holidays to you and yours Jill.

    Lisa D.