Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winter Wonderland Christmas Portraits

I have always LOVED the pretty holiday cards with Christmas scenes!
I  want to LIVE in the Christmasy settings.

So, for my Christmas portraits this year, I decided to put
all the children into  Christmasy backdrops to look
like these magical holiday cards!

First, I photographed the children in front of my famous white
board that I set up in my garage.  Click here to read my blog post about
how to create one of these CHEAP white boards.

This gave me a clean edge to composite the children into other
backgrounds with various Christmas props.

Watch my video tutorial to learn how to do this in Photoshop or Elements.

I photographed my snowy scenes last winter during one of our 
Michigan blizzards.

If you don't have any of your own wintery scenes,
I have a ton of snowy backgrounds, snow overlays and Christmas props in

The gorgeous red velvet chair in this next photo and many 
of the other amazing Christmas props I used
are from a site called Pixel Squid.  They provide a ton of
AMAZING PNG overlays that you can angle any way you wish!
I LOVE Pixel Squid!!!

The sleighs, Christmas tree, white iron bed, toys and presents in these
next few Christmas portraits are
all from Pixel Squid!

I also took a close-up of each child in front of the white board.

Then put them into a magical Christmas scene!

Isn't this Pixel Squid snowman adorable???
I simply put its head in her arms!

I thought out each magical scene before we shot so I could
pose the children to fit my vision.

The Elf hat and shoes are from Pixel Squid.

I'm selling this Santa's arm with the candy cane
HERE in my Etsy Shop.  A PNG with a transparent
background ready for you to drop into your photo!

I couldn't stop creating with Santa Bella:

I'm selling this background with the reindeer HERE in my Etsy Shop.

Such a fun year with my Christmas portraits!

I hope I have sparked your holiday imagination...

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