Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bubbles and Flowers

Bubbles and flowers are a great combo
and are especially fun to photograph on a pretty summer day!

I did a bit of research and experimenting
and learned you can create stronger bubbles 
that don't pop when they come into contact with a flower
by adding glycerin to the bubbles.

I searched all over town  for glycerin at various drug stores,
and finally ended up buying it off Amazon. 
I picked this De La Cruz Glycerine and Rose Water (Affliliate Link)
only because I love the smell of roses.

Oh, my GOSH!
It worked great and smelled great, too!

I glugged a bit of the rose glycerin in with the bubble soap that I bought at the dollar store.

I shot in the morning, when the light was mottled over my rose bushes.

I simply blew the bubble close to the flower,
and it immediately stuck to the petals and leaves!

I couldn't believe it!
I snapped this with my phone to show you the size of the bubble.

I used my Tamron 90mm Macro Lens,
but if you don't have a macro lens and don't want to invest in one,
you can try extension tubes.

I own the Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set and love it with my 50mm lens on my Canon.

Here's the link to the Kenko Extension Tube Set for Nikon.  (Affliate Links)

Then, I zoomed in close with my macro lens
set at f.6,   ISO 100

Multiple bubbles worked too in the bowl of a petunia!

Try out various angles and background light.
This works especially well with the mottled light
compared to bright light on the flowers.

Move your camera different angles until you see the rainbows 
in the bubbles!
They really showed up against a darker background.

I got better results when I manually focused on the bubble.

Have fun with this summer photo project!

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