Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fourth of July Photo Shoot

Happy Fourth of July to all my American followers!

This holiday shouts summer and since it is also daisy season here in Michigan,
we headed out to my favorite daisy field for this special photo shoot.

I am blessed to live near two friends who LOVE photography!

In fact, I met both Lucy and Terri through this blog. 
Both were learning photography and came across my blog
then realized I live so close and contacted me!

Lucy and I have adventured all over our glorious state of Michigan together
including this three day waterfall tour in the Upper Peninsula.

Much more fun to share photo adventures with a fellow enthusiast! 

On this beautiful evening, we were shooting for Terri's new BLOG!

Lucy is great with the reflector and in this case,
the diffuser!

The diffuser I use is part of  this 43-inch, 5-in-1 Reflector Set (*affiliate link)

I use this reflector set on EVERY outdoor photo shoot and this one 
has been with me since the beginning.

To learn how to use a reflector click here

With such harsh sunlight, the diffuser transforms
the sharp glare into a soft, beautiful halo.

Terri is ultra creative and has a zillion ideas to share
in decorating, entertaining, fashion and THRIFTING!

Yes, Terri and I have become thrifting and antiquing besties!

We scour second-hand shops.. 

And, we're both smitten with vintage dishes...

table linens...

hats and anything we can use for a photo prop!

Terri has always wanted to write a blog to share her creativity,
and spent the past year learning photography from me.

Lordy!  She caught on immediately and her photos are amazing!

She has such an eye for the layout.

Here are a few of her great photos:

Terri is finally READY to BLOG!

Lucy and I were happy to do this summer photo shoot so
Terri would have some fun photos of herself.

We used this charming vintage bicycle, part of a pair
 Terri gave daughter Ali and her fiance  for Ali's bridal shower.

I think it's fun to see behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot.

My favorite daisy field is a few blocks from my house!
Look at all the props in the tall grass.

Red dazzles in the summer!

Lucy was busy with her camera capturing the behind-the scenes shots,
and I am most grateful when she gets some of me in action
because I am so rarely in photos.

I'm always the one taking them!

Look at this enchanting field of summer glory!

So happy we accomplished this before my town
mows down the fab daisy field which they always do in early July.

Check out and follow Terri's new blog called

I'm so proud of her because setting up and maintaining
a blog is a ton of zany, confusing, yet super fulfilling WORK!

Cheers to July 4th...

And, a champagne toast to Terri and her exciting new blog!

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