Sunday, July 15, 2018

Summer Vintage Val

My summer Vintage Val shoot sprang from 
a vision that popped into my mind when I was sitting
in my mother-in-law's wondrous backyard.

In the vision, I saw Val walking her little dog towards me over the
carpet of purple ground cover
wearing a dress I wore on my honeymoon 30 years ago!
I still have it!

This is the shot I envisioned:

I worried Morty would not cooperate,
but I swear he posed!

It's always a challenge to coordinate the weather, the flowers and Val's schedule
and I giddy when it all came together.

We arrived to the magical forest only to find a
bulldozer and some men.

Can you see the bulldozer and bulldozer man in the yellow vest?

He told me they were pulling out the stump.
NO!!!!  I planned to photograph Val on the stump!

They kindly gave us a few minutes.

I always pay close attention to the details.

Morty was ADORABLE!

I love to include Val's love for reading whenever we can.

Here are the two photo we took before they yanked out the stump!

Then we moved to another part of the yard while they 
made LOTS of noise getting that stump out of there...UGH!

We shot in the morning to capture the luscious, low light.

Isn't Morty the cutest? 

Isn't this yard the prettiest?

Here's me wearing the dress in Hawaii on my honeymoon.

We celebrated our 30th anniversary in May, so this shoot
was extra special!

Thanks, Morty and my mother-in-law's yard for being so photogenic!

Pick out a beautiful place in your life to capture
some summer portrait memories!

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